NSXPO 2015 in Palm Springs, Part 2: The Thermal Club Raceway & The Living Desert Museum

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Odometer (NSX):  102,350


An exclusive members-only track facility called The Thermal Club opened its doors for our NSX owners today!


General Manager Brent was happy to roll out the red carpet for our event, and we graciously accepted the invitation.  We had a day of hot weather and even hotter cars.  Somehow, we managed to make the most of our day before the oven – it was 102 degrees Fahrenheit when I left the track in the early afternoon – really started getting to us.  My day started off with a 4:30 a.m. departure from the Agua Caliente host hotel for a 40-minute drive to the racetrack.

I recognized some jewel eye MDX headlights in my rearview mirror, so I knew the vehicle behind me must’ve been full of Acura folks — and, indeed it was.  Over the next hour or so, we offloaded a TLX, an MDX, the RealTime Racing NSX, and the new black NSX from a huge transport truck that had brought them.  Our general attendees started arriving around 6:30 a.m. and it was a steady stream of incoming NSXers for awhile.  Our day was kicked off by High Performance Driving Education (HPDE) coordinator Jim Cozzolino, with a few remarks from Event Director Chris Willson as well as from Peter Cunningham.

Our skidpad, autocross, and “South Palm Circuit” tracks opened up for business shortly afterward, and about 40 people cycled through three different “run groups” based on skill level.  I didn’t participate in the performance driving activities, but I’m fairly certain that if I had, I would’ve been with the “Beginner” contingent.  The rest of the morning was filled with that characteristic roar of NSX exhaust in the airwaves and the occasional screech of squealing rubber as the cars and people made the rounds.  Ted Klaus and other key Acura engineering personnel showed up to educate us a little on the new NSX.


One NSX owner – and I’m sorry I can’t even remember his name – took me for a track ride in his Formula Red 1995 car.  It was equipped with a Comptech supercharger, custom exhaust system, and upgraded suspension.  I was reminded of just how well the NSX handles when pushed in a performance driving situation.

Lunch was served at an adjacent shaded pavilion – and thank goodness for those high-powered fans on the perimeter.  The hamburgers and quesadillas were just what the doctor ordered, not to mention the generous availability of waters and Gatorades made available by Thermal track management so nobody in our group got dehydrated.  Around that same time, Peter Cunningham took the wheel of the 2017 NSX – for his first time behind the wheel – and gave ride-alongs to the 3 winners of our charity raffle which raised $2,000 last night.  They had huge grins when exiting the track.

The last logistical challenge of the Thermal event was a parade lap where all 100-someodd cars got on the track at the same time.  In the lead was the new NSX, followed by Jim Cozzolino and Rahul Chopra, then the mass following of regular attendees.  Though speed was low at 15-20 miles per hour max, it was still a surreal feeling to see so many NSXs ahead of, next to me, and behind me.


Dinner was held at The Living Desert, a botanical garden and zoo.  It was the perfect “under the stars” setting for our club members to meet and great one another in a casual, picnic table setting.  Chris spoke a moment about our sponsors, and then I made a few remarks about tomorrow’s 103-mile group drive to the San Jacinto Mountains.  More adventures await!  Come back tomorrow for the finale!

Here are the rest of today’s shots.

Notice the clock in here:  4:47 a.m. and headed to the track.  Yawn!


Unloading the new NSX at the track


Having a seat in the RealTime Racing NSX when we had to move it forward.  Pushed, not started!


TLX lights up the Realtime Racing NSX


Getting things set up in the Acura display as attendees start parking


Driver meeting kick-off at 7:30 a.m.


The cars behind me were prepping for track day


Spectator cars


Mountain views that never get old!


All set for my ride.  Standing with Automobile Magazine author Michael Jordan


New NSX takes to the Thermal track, solo


D’oh!  Had to lay off the pics for a bit!  It got toasty out there.


Paused at the end of the parade for some group photos


New NSX at the front of our group during photos


Burn, baby, burn!


Back at the hotel parking garage.  Nice try, Camry.


Parking at dinner.  One of these things is not like the others!


Dinner venue at The Living Desert


NSXPO 2015 in Palm Springs, Part 1: Air Museum Opening Reception

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Odometer (Legend):  537,972


Trip Distance:  279 Miles


I’m broadcasting live from the biggest U.S. gathering of Acura NSX owners in history.


NSXPO, the event that brings NSX fans together year after year, is based this year in sunny Palm Springs, California.  The event opened for registration at the end of May and sold out at 250 tickets in a matter of only about a week’s time.  The level of interest has been unprecedented, and we are geared up for a very busy next few days.  2015 marks a special year in NSX history for a number of reasons.  It’s the 25 year anniversary of the year when the revolutionary NSX first launched.  It also represents a 10-year anniversary of its last year of production.  And finally – after a long-awaited hiatus – the newest iteration of this iconic sportscar has come back stronger than ever.  Acura Division is here to show us its latest creation in all its glory.  You’ve seen it discussed here on Drive to Five a number of times – even as far back as the North American International Auto Show in Detroit nearly 4 years ago, but now it’s finally here in tangible form.

(photo credit:  Bob Ondrovic)


I’m an 11-time NALM veteran but this marks the first time I’ve participated in an NSX gathering of this size and scope.  Best of all, I’ve been able to play a key role in the planning & development of the program.  Our 5-person NSXPO Planning Committee has worked hard for about a year now on putting the pieces together to make this possible, but the rewards have been worth it and we’re thrilled that so many other like-minded fans will appreciate our efforts and enjoy the weekend.

Tonight, we kicked off the festivities with an exclusive event at the Palm Springs Air Museum.  The logistics behind corralling over 160 cars into a parking lot behind and airplane hangar got a little complicated – especially when during a 2-hour window of time we had to check people in, have them sign 3 waivers, get them wristbands for the track day tomorrow, give them “swag bags,” ask them to do some judging for the car show, and keep our sanity together!  But, somehow we made it through and thankfully everyone is being very patient with us as we do our best to keep things on track.

(photo credit:  Bob Ondrovic)


My drive out to Palm Springs was a piece of cake last night.  This morning, we had about 50 people check in early, so that helped put a dent in our remaining headcount for registration.  We had some great volunteers to help us get goodie bags assembled and get credentials in alphabetical order.  Then the onslaught of people started arriving.  While people were outside in the heat trying to get cars parked evenly for a group photo, the rest of us were getting everyone inside the hangar situated with their gear.  When I finally peeked outside, I saw a sea of aluminum:  more NSXs in one place than I’d ever seen before!  A few celebrities arrived, too – including Ted Klaus who is the large project leader on the 2017 NSX, RealTime Racing driver Peter Cunningham, and a few other special guests from the Acura development teams, marketing teams, and other areas.  Automobile Magazine author Michael Jordan attended, as did Ben Hsu from Japanese Nostalgic car, and we even had a drop-in from Jason Cammisa of Motor Trend.  Needless to say, I was a little star-struck.

It felt like we were all on The Price is Right when Event Director Chris Willson announced the 3 raffle winners for tomorrow’s ride-along in the 2017 NSX with Peter Cunningham at the wheel.  “Come on down!” he said.  The recipients were super excited and the rest of us will be eternally jealous!

Here are a few photos from our first day of fun out here in Palm Springs.  Thanks for coming along!


The Legend out and about a couple of days ago


I-10 westbound in my 1992 NSX with 102,000 miles on the odometer


Staying last night with my friends Scott & Sandy.  Scott has a 1992 NSX that’s a twin to mine (but with half the miles)


Good way to start the day!  Group message with the other Planning Committee members.


With Event Director Chris Willson during early registration at Agua Caliente


Check-in table signage


Les Rowe and Jim Cozzolino from the Planning Committee, getting a little friendly!


Arrival a the Air Museum before the masses got there


Goodie bag assembly line


Solo shot with my car and the 2017 NSX in Berlina Black!


Scott sent this of the lineup of cars waiting to get in around that time


Chris Hand from Acura Social Media


The view outside!


View 2


View 3


Scott and I were in heaven.


And more


The new NSX was on a rug at the front of the pack


Rear ends


They keep going and going


Racing legend Peter Cunningham arrived with his wife.  Peter had just gotten back from the “NSX Fiesta” event in Japan.


I asked him to sign my dash with a silver Sharpie, and he obliged!


With Ted Klaus, Matt Stall, and Michael Cao – these are some of the key players in the development of the new NSX


Ben Hsu from Japanese Nostalgic Car


Jason Cammisa from Motor Trend


The group assembled to have dinner


Arrival back at the parking garage, with my friend Ben Lin.  I’ve now seen Ben at THREE automotive events in the last couple of months:  S2000 Homecoming in early September, NALM in late September, and now NSXPO.  We are on the same car show schedule apparently!


He’s the original owner of a 2005 “Silverstone” color NSX with only 7,000 miles on the odometer!


Tomorrow:  Track day and an evening at “The Living Desert.”  Stay tuned!

Quick Weekend Roady: 2015 St. George, Utah 26.2-Mile Marathon

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Odometer (NSX):  101,908


Odometer (ILX):  142,582


Trip Distance:  854 Miles


Sometimes, when you take ibuprofen, it’s for a specific pain point in your body:  a headache, a sore hip, whatever.  When I popped a pill at mile #18 of the 2015 St. George, Utah marathon, I told that little thing:  “Pick a muscle, any muscle.”  I was dying, everywhere.  But 8 miles later, I finished my 9th full marathon and even achieved my target finish time.

I’m definitely a little out of my mind.  With all these travels in recent weeks, do you think I’ve had time to train for a marathon?  Not even close.  A few miles here and there in the evenings, and that’s it.  As a matter of fact, the longest distance I’d run since the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay in June was a measly 3 miles in one stretch.  You can imagine my sense of apprehension when the shuttle bus dropped me off at the starting line for this race.

Ready or not, I had a long way to go.  But, as I’ve shared before, I compare a long-distance run to a long-distance drive:  You just have to slice it up into manageable “chunks” and convince your brain that it’s achievable in small bites.  So, in my case, I looked at the race as just running three miles.  Over and over again.  This year’s race was a family affair:  Mom, stepmom, uncle, aunt, and cousin were all running it.  The chances of (literally) running into ANY of them among 7,000 total runners was slim-to-none.  But right before the biggest hill in the 26-mile stretch, the dreaded “Veyo Hill,” I saw my uncle Jeff and we chatted it up.  We had car talk for a few minutes, until I panted and said, “You have a better pace than I do; go on ahead!” and he left me in a cloud of dust.

Meanwhile, mom was already miles ahead of me and I had a lot of time to meditate while pounding the pavement and listening to some thumpin’ music to keep me motivated.  I downed a Five Hour Energy and a couple of “GU” energy gels along the way.  And, of course, a few ibuprofen as already stated.  Thank goodness for those.  Around mile 24, Grandma was seated alongside the road in a camp chair at the same place where she always does.  That was just the push that I needed to go those next couple of miles to the finish line.  I also saw my dad, brother, sis-in-law, and niece/nephew spectating.  And FINALLY – as the course rounded the corner to 200 South and headed east, I could see the Finish Line sign & balloons in the distance and gave a little extra push to have a strong completion to the race.

Two chocolate milks chugged later, I was feeling better about the decision to give this whole thing yet another try.

Start line with mom and with our friend Jed


Cousin April & Uncle Jeff


Gatorade & water cups all over the place!


Sign on the roadside alerting runners:  If you don’t get to “X” point by “X” time, you’re done!  They have to open the road back up to traffic!


My favorite part in the race – at about mile 15, when we skirted along Snow Canyon State Park on State Route 18.


Grandma with her traditional sign!  Thanks for your support, Doce!


3-year-old nephew, Beckam, totally airborne and running with me at an impressive sprint.


Anddddd, the weary runners.  Tia, Tyson, Tanya


My final standings – a 4:55 finish time in my age bracket is nothing to be proud of, but I was just glad to get in under the 5-hour mark.  I thought it was interesting how my minutes-per-mile pace was a consistent 9:40 to start and then slipped to 10:31, 10:53, and finally 11:16.  I was crawling!


Clearly, my mom has better calves than I do.


Speaking of legs: The first leg of my trip was that ho-hum 400-ish mile drive in the ILX that I’ve done so many times before.  I got to my mom’s place around midnight.  On Friday morning, we went to the marathon “Expo” where I had to retrieve my bib number, goodie bag, and a few supplies.

Afterward, I stopped by my brother Bentley’s workplace to check out his latest project:  a 1990 Ford F-350 4×4 dual cab, long-bed pickup truck that he restored as a “project truck” for my dad.  If needed, I’m sure it could have monster-trucked (is that a verb?) right over the top of the two Acuras sitting alongside it.


Let’s take a look at that interior.  Twenty five years old!  And still looking pretty fresh.  That red color is eye-popping, but I love it.


Don’t get carried away with the need for speed here.  Note that A)  The speedometer maxes out at 85 miles per hour, and B) the odometer only has 5 digits.  This truck has 126,000 miles on it but shows only 26,000.


Bentley went all-out on this rebuild, including a complete “undercoat” of the bottom of the truck in fresh black paint and some new shocks.


Dad was thrilled about the pickup when he arrived!  It rides pretty much as you’d expect it to – like an absolute tank.  Speaking of tanks, let’s talk fuel economy.  The truck has TWO fuel tanks, at what I believe are 16 gallons’ capacity each.  Why so much fuel?  It’s thirsty.  Power for this rig comes from a 460-cubic-inch V8 motor.  We’re talking fewer than 10 miles per gallon here.


But as an around-town workhorse, it’ll sure beat my dad having to haul lumber out the back of his 2010 Hyundai Sonata (and yes, that really has happened).


Another car in Bentley’s garage was begging to be taken for a walk around the block:  This 1968 Chevy Nova SuperSport.  It’s fully engine-swapped and mechanically updated from 1968 spec, but it’s a really REALLY fun car to drive.  There’s nothing quite like the roar of a V8.


Bentley demonstrated that when pulling it out of the garage for us.  Watch until the end.

With stepmom Tanya.


And with dad taking the wheel for a little bit.  Chris M says I make this face too much.  He’s right.


ILX calling it a night out in front of mom’s house, as did I at an early hour.  Pooped.


I put a few miles on a family friend’s Porsche tonight.  It’s a 911 Carrera “4S” model, and was a hoot to drive – minus its lack of a clutch pedal.


Have a great week!

NALM 2015 Wrap-Up Video & NAPA “200,000 Mile Club” Commercial

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Odometer (ILX):  142,067


From one car adventure to the next!  This old 1992 got a wash on Monday night.  Next Wednesday, it’ll be rolling out to Palm Springs, California for the NSXPO convention.


I’ve pieced together a few highlights from this year’s Nat’l Acura Legend Meet in Houston for this 8-minute video.  A good chunk of this clip – the first 3 1/2 minutes, anyway – are centered around the “surprise” arrival of Maryland-based Chris Miller who had arrived in his new Legend without anyone (besides me) knowing about him buying that car.  Skip ahead if that doesn’t interest you!

My friend Ryan shared the following 2-minute NAPA commercial with me.  It kind of cracks me up to see all the hubbub being made over getting a car to 200,000 miles.  The video also makes the assertion that any car > 10 years old (and with that kind of miles) must have fries underneath the seats and smell like a locker room.  Au contraire, my NAPA friends!  I think there’s a reason you don’t see any Honda or Toyota cars in the video.  For a Honda, getting to 200,000 is just the beginning.


I’m posting this blog entry from my mom’s place in southern Utah, where tomorrow (Saturday) I’ll make an attempt at running a 26-mile marathon with her.  Wish me luck.

Edit:  OH HEY!  This is my 500th blog post on Drive to Five!  So, is that a blog post for every 1,000 miles?  Something like that.  Thanks for being a part of the adventure.

NALM 2015 in Houston, Part 5: Final Leg, El Paso TX to Scottsdale AZ

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Odometer (Legend coupe):  537,971


Odometer (Legend sedan):  149,635


Day Distance:  434 Miles


It wasn’t until I popped my waffle out of the iron onto my paper plate this morning at the Hampton Inn that I realized it was in the shape of the state of Texas.  I guess they want to make sure people remember where they’re waking up.


Today, I bring you the conclusion to a 5-part, action-packed, 2,655-mile round trip drive to Houston, Texas from Scottsdale, Arizona.  My friend James and I departed last Wednesday evening so it’s taken us 6 days to cover that kind of ground.  Technically, though, we collectively covered 5,310 miles, since we took two of my cars.  I’m a little afraid to find out what my credit card statement tells me on the next billing cycle — anyone want to guess what I spent on Premium gas?


Gabe and James (another James, this one driving the red Legend sedan) rolled into El Paso late last night and shared our hotel room.  After we fueled up and had a pre-drive chat, it was time to once again head westward on Interstate 10.  Only a few miles down the road, we crossed into the “Land of Enchantment.”


In fewer than 200 miles, we crossed another state line into Arizona and I said, “It’s about time!”


I set the pace at 81 miles per hour for our 4-Acura convoy and we were pleased that traffic was light, weather was good, and road conditions were optimal.  Even as tired as I was, it was still a better way to spend a Monday than sitting inside an office.  Our only stops were in Lordsburg, New Mexico and then in Picacho Peak, Arizona.  When we got to the Phoenix metro area, I stuck my arm out the window to send Gabe & James D onward to California while James L and I continued to my place.  Gabe and James have another 6 and 10 hours to drive today, respectively.  Crazy.

I’m thrilled with how well the cars performed.  For having a combined 687,606 miles on them, the trip went absolutely flawlessly.  The only fluid I had to add to either car was some of Kevin’s power steering fluid to the coupe once we got to Houston.  Oil and coolant levels remained perfect on both vehicles.  All I have to do is get that tire nail hole patched from Saturday, throw the tire back on the coupe, and it will be ready for another cross-country trip.

I’ll include just a few photos from today, and hope to have a video ready to share later this week.  Many thanks are due to the folks who made this trip possible:  To TJ Vetrone for putting on such a world-class event, to James Lee for driving my second car, to Chris Miller for working night & day to get his car ready for the meet so I’d be able to see it there, and to the many other friends who I interacted this weekend who feel more like family to me at this point.  Thanks, and I’m already looking forward to the 2016 event wherever it ends up being.

Dust storm warning sign on I-10


So close, but yet so far!


Tucson downtown skyline


Photo from James whilst approaching the Phoenix area


Lo and behold:  A Rosewood Brown Vigor sighting, just a few miles from my house.


Home, tucked away, and in dire need of a car wash to get rid of some slaughtered bugs.


Thanks for being a part of the adventure!

NALM 2015 in Houston, Part 4: Awards Ceremony, Drive to El Paso

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Odometer (Legend coupe):  537,541


Odometer (Legend sedan):  149,207


Day Distance:  742 Miles


Texas is too damn huge.  How is it possible that James and I spent an entire day driving and never left the state?  Here’s how today’s drive directions could have been written:

  1. Enter I-10 westbound at mile marker 750
  2. Drive 742 miles
  3. Exit I-10 westbound at mile marker 8

That’s it.  I’m pretty sure those 742 miles could have taken me through several states in any other region of the country.  I guess there’s one great thing about a simple day on the road – it gave me plenty of time to enjoy the scenery and appreciate the chance to listen to good music without worrying about navigation.  James and I have just checked into a hotel in west El Paso for the evening after spending about 11 hours staring at the open road.  A couple of nice things about driving westbound:  We’ve already gained back one of our two “lost” time zones, and we were chasing the sun so we had more daylight to work with.



This morning, NALM Awards Director Kevin P. Amoth took the spotlight during the closing ceremony for the 11th Annual National Acura Legend Meet.  Kevin’s presentations are always fun-filled and thoughtful.  He even had a few special items for me:  A license plate frame, some replacement cruise control & audio buttons (mine are well worn), and a replacement sticker for the top of my coupe’s airbox cover.  “It’s the last one in the country!” Kevin told me.  I believe it.  Kevin and I have a special tradition for NALM events that we’ve been carrying out for a few years now.  Each year, I take a silver Sharpie marker and sign my name – and a short message – on the underside of his trunk lid.  This year, it was the first time he’s brought his 1994 “Polar Bear” coupe, so I had a clean slate to begin with.



I had some ants in my pants after a couple of hours in the meeting room, especially knowing how long James and I would be driving later that day, so we said our farewells and made our way to the parking lot to hit the highway shortly after 10:00 in the morning.  Unfortunately, that meant that we missed the announcements about award recipients.  Here’s what I know so far:

  • Best in Show:  Jeff
  • Best Wheels:  Kevin
  • Cleanest Engine Bay:  Mike
  • “Because Racecar”:  TJ
  • Best Paint:  Larry
  • Most JDM:  Ross
  • Longest Drive:  Sergey (Seattle area, WA)
  • Best Participant:  Ed
  • Most Improved:  Chris

Truly those awards were very well deserved.  In all, NALM attendees drove a total of over 25,000 miles to be in attendance at the meet.  It took a lot of time, effort, and money for them to be a part of it.  And you know what?  I bet you could ask any of those guys if they thought the trip was worth it and they’d say YES without even thinking twice about it.  Here I am 11 years into it and not regretting a single mile.


An isolated thunderstorm dumped just enough water on the Katy Freeway to make it the first time my Legend GS has been driven in rain since 2008.  No matter.  “It’s not going to melt,” as someone wise once told me.  I’ll detail it up when I get home to Phoenix sometime.  By the time we got to San Antonio and beyond, the skies were clearing.  Everything west of the Highway 1604 interchange got a little more desolate and I was okay with that, because it meant I could set my cruise control at 83 miles per hour in the 80 mi/hour zone and not be worried about excess traffic.


Our only stops today were in Sonora, Texas at the Pizza Hut and then at the Love’s gas station in Van Horn, Texas, for fuel.  An easy-peasy drive – and tomorrow, we have only 6 hours remaining until our arrival in the Phoenix area.  Stay with us as I’ll have one more installment at the conclusion of this adventure!

A few more photos from today follow.

Kevin presenting Mike with the “Golden Glow” Award this morning.


Quick photo of my car with Ben’s white coupe.  I will see Ben in a few weeks at NSXPO in Palm Springs, and we’re going to get a similar photo of our NSXs together.


I-10 westbound approaching San Antonio – this isn’t something you see in Arizona.  “Hurricane Evacuation Route”


Pizza Hut parking lot in Sonora, Texas


And the open road awaits


Fueling up at Love’s in Van Horn, Texas


Dinner is served!


Safe travels to all you other NALM-goers who are still traveling to your respective homes.

NALM 2015 in Houston, Part 3: Car Show, Dealership Visit, and BBQ

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Odometer (Legend):  536,775


Howdy y’all.  See?  It’s only been 48 hours since I made myself a Temporary Texan, but I’ve already assimilated to the language and culture of this region.  The last couple of days have been action-packed with Legendary activities.  We are, quite literally, “sweating to the oldies.”  Old cars, that is.  With lots and lots of Houston humidity thrown in.


Our group took over the Marriott breakfast area on the 10th floor of our hotel, then migrated to ground level and pulled our vehicles around to the west side of the building where they could be staged in preparation for our car show and visit to the neighboring Acura dealership, called John Eagle.  NALM Director TJ Vetrone had arranged with the manager of the dealership to have our cars roll through the Service facility in preparation for a quick photoshoot of each.  He made special considerations for my two ‘twins,’ and we got a photo of them together. John Eagle is the largest-volume Acura dealership in all of Texas.  I believe it.  The facility is gargantuan, and its staff members were most welcoming.


Next up, we received instructions for our NALM “Concours d’ Elegance.”  We just called it a car show; we aren’t that fancy.  Voting forms were passed out which contained 8 categories by which attendees were asked to pick one “best” car for each.  The competition was extremely fierce and emotions ran high.  Alan from FL and Kevin from GA got into an especially heated discussion (all in good jest, of course) over some apparent misrepresentation of who owned which car.  We’ll see how the award recipients end up playing out at tomorrow morning’s NALM Closing Ceremony. Each car owner took the time to explain his vehicle’s story during the show while the judging was conducted.  Here’s Chris giving the lowdown on his 1994 GS.


TJ brought out our catered lunch and served up sandwiches & sodas from the bed of his pickup.  It was great to prop up a camp chair and sit in the shade while conversing over riveting topics like “What’s the Legend’s weight?”  I saw an opportunity to take a special survey during that downtime, so I grabbed a pen & paper and walked along the lineup of Legends in the car show to take note of the mileage reading of each.  Here are the findings:

  • 19 Legends being judged
  • 18 generation 2; 1 generation 1
  • Average miles:  218,292
  • Total miles:  4,147,555
  • Total trips around the earth:  166

Those are some impressive statistics from our group of long-lived cars!  This evening, my local Houstonian friend Mark came over in a legendary car of his own, a 1995 Subaru SVX.  I hitched a ride with him to dinner in his so-called “spaceship.”  The SVX model design is famous for its 10 windows.  Mark’s car is even more unique because he’s changed out the automatic transmission for a 5-speed manual.  It made a great shuttle ride to our dining destination at Spring Creek Barbeque.


As the sun sets on another fun day with friends and cars, we are nearing the conclusion on this great annual event and people are already starting to talk about where the event may land next year.  Here are the rest of photos and a play-by-play of what went on throughout the day here.

My friend Aaron has a tradition of throwing himself over the hood or roof of my cars whenever I see him.  Today was no exception.  Hey, don’t scratch the paint!


To a non-Legend enthusiast, all this NALM Nonsense is a bit insane.  I had a good laugh at my friend Leif’s comment via text this morning.


There’s no doubt the nerd level among some of us is off the charts.  I realized that fact this evening when I asked my friend and fellow attendee Ben to recite his car’s 17-digit VIN.  He spat out the number just as memorized as if I’d asked him to say the alphabet.

It wouldn’t be a NALM without at least some kind of mechanical need!  I noticed a nail in my front left tire this morning so I promptly replaced it with my full-size spare… which was also flat.  Luckily, Evan came to the rescue with an air compressor and we got it loaded up to 33 psi for the long upcoming trip home.


My friend Humberto and his buddy Vikas stopped by to say hello!  Humberto drives a Milano Red Acura TSX and has been a Drive to Five reader for some time now.  Thanks for the quick visit, guys!


Lunch is served:


Matt showed us the original purchase invoice for his 1994 Acura Legend sedan.  It’s been in the family since brand new.


Matt brought along the youngest member of the Legend fanclub, Gus!


Everyone checking out Larry’s immaculate engine during the car show.


Ed, Alan, and Mike had the right idea with the camp chairs in a shady spot.


Mike’s “Golden Glow Pearl” was stunning in the sunlight!


Chris displayed his window sticker & fact sheet on his 1994 Legend GS.


Ross brought his Cobalt Blue Pearl 1991 sedan out, and included a few notes about what makes it special.


Notice in his summary:  He saved this car from the junkyard and put it back on the road where it belongs!


Spoilers for days.


Car show, engine judging.


TJ presented me with a “LEGEND” customized vanity Nevada license plate.  Thanks, man!


Little preview into some of the car show drama we had!  More on that in an upcoming video.


Figured it was worth a shot to walk just a block down the road from our hotel and get a picture with Chris at the entrance to Houston.


Checking out the undercarriage of Chris’ Legend GS at John Eagle dealership a little later.


Dinner location at Spring Creek BBQ


Group at dinner


And saying a fond farewell to Mark, Misty, and Ian who joined us for tonight’s meal.


Thanks for joining for another day!  The adventure continues tomorrow with a long drive home ahead.


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